Welcome To My Blog; Keep Going Now.


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Welcome To My Blog, Keep Going-Er! 

You may be wondering what  a “Keep Going-Er” is? Well a “Keep Going-Er” is someone who kept going no matter what adversity they had to overcome in order to achieve their dreams or become an entrepreneur.  Does that sound like you? [Yes!?] Don’t worry; you still have time to figure that out!! Curious to know how I figured that out? Then, keep reading below! By the end of this blog post you will find out a little more about why the terms “Keep Going” are so important to me.

Photo by Rajvinder singh on Unsplash

I was raised in the Caribbean and moved to the Netherlands to pursue my studies, what I thought was going to be a walk in the park became everything BUT. During this journey, I really learned the meaning behind “Keep Going”. Moving to a country where you don’t know the language or have any family members is a huge step to take. However, I was determined to succeed in order to attain my Bachelors degree.   

Photo by Carlos Zinato on Unsplash

 Moreover, not having family members in this foreign country or knowing the native language was only half the challenge. Starting my studies and making sure that I succeeded in doing so was another adversity that I had to overcome. However, something that I kept repeating to myself no matter what happened was “Keep Going”. To me, “Keep Going” weren’t just words. They were and are a way of life. A way for me to remember that no matter what obstacles came between me and my goal of being the first to graduate university in my family that I would continue to move forward. 

For years I have always wanted to create a platform where other women would also share their stories about how they kept going no matter the obstacles they faced. At first I was very hesitant about starting this blog because I didn’t think that I would get many women to share their stories but reality is that you’ll never really know if you don’t try. 

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

Therefore; this blog is dedicated towards women who decided to “Keep Going” regardless of the obstacles life threw at them in order to achieve their dreams or become an entrepreneur. I would like this content to motivate other women who are going through similar situations. The motive of this blog will be to remind other women to “Keep Going” because they are not alone.

I would like for you to help me achieve this by sharing your stories on this blog to inspire others around the world. If you would like to do so and become part of the “Keep Going” community then please check out the contact details and I will make it happen! 

Keep Going Now,



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