Meet Keep Going-ER: Head of PR & Communications Caroline Hoffmann

This is Caroline Hoffmann from France and this is her story of how she keeps going.

I’ve overcome challenges at different stages in my life. I started my career as a professional horse-rider and competed at high level but had to change my career path for financial reasons (horse-riding being very expensive). I pursued my studies in Paris then moved to London to finish my masters and learn English. I didn’t know anyone in London and I had a tough year but worked really hard and ended up at the top of my class.

Once graduated, I started working for a company specialized in project management of token sales (cryptocurrency). This industry was and still is dominated by men like most of the technology and financial industries. I had to learn the specificities of the technology as well as to earn respect from my peers.

I’ve built a great network of fantastic people and have managed to build my profile and to be recognized as an expert in my field, which enables me to help startups with their communications and PR strategies. I have great plans for the future and I hope to inspire and help as many as people as I can.


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