Meet Keep Going-ER: Copy Chief Vikki Ross

This is Vikki Ross From London, United Kingdom & Her Story of How She Keeps Going…

I always wanted to write. I didn’t know what copy was when I was at school so I thought I wanted to be a Journalist. At 18, I wrote to the Editor of British Vogue to ask if I could write for her – as if it’s that easy to get such a job! But asking people if I could write for them was how I got to where I am. I didn’t do well in my A-Levels, and I didn’t go to uni or ad school, so I had no qualifications, no degree and no portfolio. No idea, no direction and no connections either.

So I went to work. But I was lucky because I went to work at places where people wrote copy. I worked as an Admin Assistant at a Direct Marketing agency where I asked the Creative Director if I could write the reader offers. I worked as a PA at a beauty brand where I asked the Brand Director if I could write web copy. And then I worked as a Marketing Assistant at the same brand and I asked the Creative Director if I could move into the in-house creative agency. I kept going until I finally became a Copywriter.

I’ve now been writing copy for major brands for over 20 years. I specialise in branding and tone of voice, and travel the world telling businesses and agencies how to write and talk. I mentor advertising students and aspiring creatives, judge at global award competitions, and connect Copywriters through my Twitter hashtag #copywritersunite. Creative Equals named me one of the Top 30 Female Creative Leaders, Women in Marketing gave me a Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Marketing, and I’m listed in The Dots Top 100 Trailblazers redefining the creative industry.


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