Meet Keep Going-ER: Chief Executive Officer Angela De Souza

This is Angela De Souza From Winchcombe,England & Her Story of How She Keeps Going…

I married and had children very young so pretty much decided that being a mom was my life, I didn’t think I had anything else to offer. Over the years I discovered that deep down inside of me there is a passion to connect and help people and more recently that has manifested in the form of a business.

My first business failed, I did keep going. In fact, I kept going longer than I should until I was left with a mountain of debt and no real business to speak of.

Once again, I wrote myself off as a failure but what I didn’t realise was that failure is a stepping stone to success and my first failed business was the equivalent of what others get as a university education, and probably cost the same too!

So I dusted myself off and tried again, and this time learned from past mistakes to build a thriving, successful company that supports women in their business or career. I took all my years of failure and my proven strategies of what does work and created the Success Story System. We use this system at Women’s Business Club and have seen fantastic results.

Almost every year over the past 7 years I have wanted to quit. It’s tough. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, right? Each time I though I was going to fail or couldn’t keep going I reminded myself why I am doing what I do, and so I keep going. Helping one businesswoman at a time sometimes, but through our network across the UK we can help so many businesswomen together.


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