The words “Keep Going” are not just words; for me they are a way of life. With this blog I would like to reach out to a community of women who “Keep Going” no matter the type of adversity they had to overcome in order to achieve their dreams or become an entrepreneur.

For many of us various unexpected obstacles transpire along the way in this journey that we call ‘life’. How we cope with these obstacles lead us to understand that we are built to handle a lot more than we think. Whether the obstacle is; job loss, mental health, physical health, or the loss of a family member we always try to find ways to ‘Keep Going’.

My ultimate goal is to create a platform where we can come together to share and support each other in ways that we “Keep Going” regardless of the obstacle or situation at hand.

Having a support group or better yet a community that you can turn to for help is vital during the digital age. The reason for this is due to the fact that we all have something that technology does not have and that is empathy.

By sharing your story you are enabling others to know that they are not alone and that they can ‘Keep Going’ on their journey to achieving their dreams or becoming an Entrepreneur. We are all able to empathize or relate to someone in some way. What better way of doing it than by sharing your story to motivate and influence someone else to ‘Keep Going’?

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