Meet Keep Going-ER: Digital Marketer Chloe Pierre

This is Chole From London & Her Story of How She Keeps Going…

I’ve never quite fit any label and struggled to find complete validation growing up which later followed me into adult life and also my career. Finding acceptance amongst my peers and employers alike was difficult as was securing roles and moving up the career ladder. I just wasn’t lucky in securing the roles I knew I could make a change in.

So after 10 years struggling for work in Digital Marketing agencies here in London, I started thy.self as a way to make other people’s lives easier and in the process I helped secure a more positive and freelance position in the industry where I no longer have to beg for work or acceptance, work comes to me and I am so grateful for this journey, despite it being incredibly difficult. Now the world is a different place, I still don’t fit in but it actually doesn’t matter anymore.


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